Nouveau collaborateur


Nouveau collaborateur

Regards et Réflexions est heureux d’annoncer la venue de M Guy Bélanger comme nouveau chroniqueur. Avec lui, le monde de l’aviation vous semblera simple. N’hésitez pas à lui écrire il aime les discutions.

Encore une fois, M Guy Bélanger, soyez le bienvenu dans cette aventure internationale de la communication.

Guy Parent, CEO


 Curriculum vitæ de M Guy Bélanger



With over 40 years of experience in aviation, I have built great expertise in sales, operations and handling of air cargo. I am a natural team leader with entrepreneurial vision and my appetite for first-class customer service has enhanced the profitability and reputation of every organization that I have worked with.

I founded and led my own freight forwarding company with Airtrades freight forwarders for 23 years. Then with A.T. Cargo GSA, a cargo general sales agent for Air Transat, the biggest charter company in Canada.  I spearheaded Air Transat’s cargo unit looking over its stations, appointed sales agent and cargo handlers all over their network. I was responsible for increasing sales from $50,000.00 in the first year to $5,000,000.00, in a span of 11 years.  In order to improve customer satisfaction, I have also created a cargo handling company, GSA Cargo Services, servicing the Air Transat’s cargo business. With my many years in the industry, I have established a worldwide network of contacts.

 Over the last few years, I have been working on the operation side of airlines such as Sunwing and Jazz Air LP.

Work Experience            

 Aug  2015                   Commercial Director Canada

Kales Airlines Services

  • Promote and represent a freighter airline operating from YYZ to BRU.
  • Coordinate between sales and operation actual booking and loading on freighter.
  • Develop new territories and increase customer list.

Feb 2012 –                  System Terminal Operation Control

Jazz Air LP

  • Monitoring of all Montreal Jazz flights inbound / outbound as far as gates are concerned.
  • Making sure that all necessary services like lavatory services, water service, grooming done according to Jazz requirements, catering services and fuelling needs.
  • Coordinating and liaise gates requirements for flights inbound / outbound in accordance with apron restrictions and maintenance needs.
  • Answering pilot calls and actionning their requirements.
  • Controlling and coordinating aircraft tow moves to meet maintenance requirements and action promptly to meet their needs with tow crews.
  • Supervising the service from our ground handler to meet Jazz level of service demanded.
  • Insuring security and customs requirements are met with our passengers going  and coming from the United States and International flights.

Nov 2009 – Jan 2012 Duty Manager Montreal

Sunwing Airlines

  • Monitoring and assuring that ground handling company and any other services areproperly rendered to Sunwing’s  expectations.
  • Enforce and monitor service as set out in the Service Level Agreement.
  • Develop strong relationships with both Canadian customs/Immigration services and the U.S. Federal Inspection Services and other airport and government entities.
  • Will create any corrective measures and implement developmental processes as required.
  • Conduct regular staff meeting.
  • Will coach, mentor, train and develop staff as required.
  • Ensure SMS compliance.

Feb 2006 – June 2009 Consulting  on behalf of Trans Sol to AC JAZZ, Air Inuit, Air Labrador

Air Canada JAZZ Airline, Director of tow crew department for JAZZ      

  • Built up a tow crew team to tow aircraft from the Air Canada base to the terminal gates or from the gates to the base.
  • Responsible for hiring, training and monitoring a group of 20 persons on 20 hours shift (2 shift ) with a limited budget.
  • Built up the department, policy, documentation, equipment maintenance
  • Reporting to director
  • Mananged all aspects of Ground handling – parking aircraft, offloading cargo, baggage offload, onload, weight balance of aircraft, fueling arrangements
  • Built up a tow crew team for Jazz airlines with limited budget and equipment..
  • Guy – I need more summary, details what you did


Mar 2001 –  Jan 2006            Root Aviation Cargo Inc., Mirabel, Quebec


  • Assisted in prepared the financing of the organization for operations
  • Organized the cargo operation, flight operation, maintenance program, and cargo accounting
  • Negotiated with sub-contractors and representatives on behalf of the organization.
  • Selected, hired team for key positions.
  • Presented the different proposals to various investment firms for further rounds of funding


Feb 1997 – March 2001        GSA Cargo Services Inc., Mirabel, Quebec


  • Established an airline cargo handling company at Montreal International Airport, Mirabel and at Pearson International Airport.
  • Coordinated the purchase of office, warehouse, and airside equipment, Canada
  • Implemented and enforced procedures for offloading and loading cargo resulting in a higher quality in customer service.
  • Customs bonding, obtaining operating certificates.


Apr 1987 — Jan 2001            A.T. Cargo GSA Inc., Mirabel, Quebec

President, Director of Operations, COO

  • Founded a corporation to represent Air Transat system wide as a General Sales Agent for cargo.
  • Implemented a successful cargo operation (1to 18 wide body aircraft) resulting in regular annual yield increases. With one aircraft the first year with $50,000.00 revenue for Air Transat to a $5,000,000,00 net revenue the 12th
  • Developed and managed a system for administration, cargo accounting, and claims.
  • Negotiated sales and handling contracts on an international basis, especially in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Central and South America and in the United States.
  • Appointed sales and handling agents for 62 stations in Canada, Europe, and the


Jul 1984 — Oct 1995             Airtrades Freight Forwarder Inc., Dorval, Quebec


  • Managed all aspects of administration, sales, and accounting.
  • Implemented the import and export of perishable products.
  • Commenced the charter operation to Central America.
  • Established a network of world wide freight forwarders.


Feb  1983 – May 1984           Quebecair, Dorval, Quebec

Director Cargo

  • Implemented the operation of the organization’s first DC-8 freighter.
  • Initiated the opening of a cargo division resulting in increased volume on international flights.
  • Established operation procedures


May  1969 – Feb19 83           Air Canada Cargo Inc., Dorval, Quebec

Customer Service Manager, Cargo Sales


  • Responsible for the call center, the accounting, tracing, claims.
  • Implemented more efficient system for the local air waybill filing department.
  • Improved the quality of customer service by re-organizing the call center.
  • Introduced to the organization the potential benefits of transporting horsemeat and successfully implemented this operation to Paris and Belgium.
  • Developed charter operations for the carriage of livestock to Europe and South America.
  • Coordinated reservations, provided quotations to clients, and handled problematic cases.

Education & Skills

Certificate Air Cargo Marketing, Boeing

Certificate in Management, McGill University, Montreal QC

Bachelor of Commerce, McGill University, Montreal QC

Excellent  leadership, project management, analysis, and communication skills

Fluent in French, English

Dangerous Goods Certification, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma








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